『ハウルの動く城』第12幕A Long Climb (55:33-58:39)、第13幕Looking for Suliman (58:39-1:04:58)から。ソフィーは王宮に行き、そこで魔法使いのサリマン(Suliman)に会います。まずは行く途中での荒地の魔女(Witch of the Waste)との会話から。

荒地の魔女: ちょっとっ…待ちなさいよっ
Wait. Help. I can’t make it.

make it = succeed in getting somewhere in time for (~にうまく間に合う)

ソフィー: 何よ? 呪いの、解き方でも思い出したの?
What’d you say? You suddenly remembered how to break the spell you put on me?

spell = spoken words which are thought to have magical power
break a spell = 呪い(魔法)を解く
put a spell on A = Aに呪い(魔法)をかける

荒地の魔女: だから……それは……知らない、の!
I told you. I don’t know how.

ソフィー: じゃあ勉強するのね!
Then start studying.


サリマン: ハウルのお母様だそうですね。
So, you are Howl’s mother, are you?

ソフィー: はい。ペンドラゴンと申します。
Yes, I’m Mrs. Pendragon.

サリマン: お疲れでしょ。どうぞ、それへ。
You must be tired. Please have a seat.

ソフィー: はい。
Thank you.

サリマン: 私は王室付き魔法使いのサリマンです。
I am Madame Suliman, His Majesty‘s head sorceress.

His Majesty = 国王陛下
sorceress = 女の魔法使い

ソフィー: ん?あの、その犬は ?
Hmm. That’s not your dog, is it?

サリマン: ヒンのこと?私の使い犬。あなたを案内させました。
His name is Heen. He’s my errand dog. I had him escort you here.

errand = 使い走り ◆an errand boy (使い走りの少年)という表現をよく使う。

ソフィー: は?はぁあ~。

サリマン: つまり、ハウルは来ないのですね?
I take it Howl won’t be joining us?

take it = assume

ソフィー: 母親を身代わりにするような息子です。王様のお役には立たないと思います。
He’s such a lazy son, he sent me instead. I’m afraid the king would find him completely useless.

instead = in place of someone

サリマン: 困ったことになりました。あの子は私の最後の弟子なのに。素晴らしい才能の持ち主でした。ようやく跡継ぎに巡り会えたと、本当に嬉しかったのです。ところが、あの子は悪魔に心を奪われ、私のもとを去りました。魔法を自分のためだけに使うようになったのです。 お母様。
I am very sorry to hear that. Howl was the last apprentice I ever took on. I’ve never seen such a gifted student. I was so thrilled to have finally found someone talented enough to replace me. Then, one day, his heart was stolen by a demon. He never returned to complete his apprenticeship. And from that day forward, he has been using his magic for entirely selfish reasons. Mrs. Pendragon.

apprentice = (職人などの)徒弟 someone who works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn a particular skill or job
ever = at any time
take on = employ
gifted = having special ability in a particular subject or activity
from that day forward = after that point
selfish = caring only about yourself and not about other people

ソフィー: はい?

サリマン: あの子はとても危険です。心を無くしたのに、力がありすぎるのです。このままでは、ハウルは荒地の魔女のようになってしまう。ここへ。
That boy is extremely dangerous. His powers are far too great for someone without a heart. If he stays selfish, I’m afraid he’ll end up just like the Witch of the Waste. Send her in.

end up = finally be in a particular place or situation

ソフィー: えぇっ?あんた、どうしちゃったの?
What on earth happened to you?

What on earth…? = used when you are extremely surprised, confused or angry about something

サリマン: 本当の年に戻してあげただけです。もう魔力はありません。その人も昔は、とても素晴らしい魔法使いでした。悪魔と取引をして、長い間に身も心も食い尽くされてしまったのです。今、王国はいかがわしい魔法使いや魔女を野放しにはできません。ハウルがここへ来て、王国のために尽くすなら、悪魔と手を切る方法を教えます。来ないなら力を奪い取ります。その女のように。
I just restored her to the age she actually is. All her powers are gone now. Once, she, too, was a magnificent sorcerer with so much promise. But then she fell prey to a demon of greed who slowly consumed her, body and soul. Our kingdom can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to these disreputable witches and wizards. If Howl reports to me and vows to use his magic to serve the kingdom, I will show him how to break from his demon. If not, I’ll strip him of all his powers. Just like her.

fall prey to = be hurt or deceived by someone or something bad
consume = affect A very strongly, so that A cannot think about anything else
body and soul = 〔副詞的に用いて〕身も心も
turn a blind eye to = ignore
disreputable = considered to be dishonest, bad, illegal etc
vow to = make a determined decision or promise to do sth
serve = work for
if not = もしそうでないなら
strip A of B = take away B important from A as a punishment

ソフィー: お言葉ですが!ハウルが何故ここへ来たがらないのか、分かりました。ここは変です。招いておきながら年寄りに階段を登らせたり、変な部屋に連れ込んだり、まるで罠だわ。ハウルに心が無いですって?確かに、わがままで臆病で、何を考えているか分からないわ。でもあのひとはまっすぐよ。自由に生きたいだけ。ハウルは来ません。魔王にもなりません。悪魔とのことは、きっと自分で何とかします。私はそう信じます!
That is enough! Now I understand why Howl was so concerned about coming to see you. It’s a trap. You lure people here with an invitation from the king, and then you strip them of all their powers. Howl would never be so heartless. He may be selfish and cowardly, and sometimes he’s hard to understand, but his intentions are good. He just wants to be free. Howl won’t come here. He doesn’t need your help. He can fix his problem with his demon on his own. I am certain of it.

lure = persuade A to do something or go somewhere by offering them something exciting
heartless = cruel and not caring about other people
cowardly = exhibiting the chracteristics of a coward ◆副詞ではなく形容詞なのに注意

サリマン: お母様、ハウルに恋してるのね。
Now I understand. You’re in love with Howl.

be in love with A = love A in a romatic and sexual way

荒地の魔女: ハウル!ハウルが来るのかい?欲しいよ、ハウルの心臓が欲しいよ!
Howl? Did you say Howl’s coming? I want his heart, his heart belongs to me!

belong to A = be A’s property ◆直訳すると「ハウルの心臓は私の持ち物なの」

ソフィー: あんたいい加減にしなさい!ハウルは来ないのよ!
Stop that, just calm down. Howl is not coming here, OK?

calm down = stop feeling upset, angry or excited

サリマン: ハウルは来ますよ。ハウルの弱点が見つかったわ。
Oh, I think he will. I now know his weakness, Mrs. Pendragon.


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